New start-up launch announcement with streamlit

Hey all, just finished building and launching my start-up/MVP using streamlit + google pages (as the home page). Please check it out, give some feedback and share :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the launch, @Rushmore!
One observation, as a user, I โ€œthinkโ€ I know what you offer but would be even better if thereโ€™s a video demo of the app in action so I know what I am signing up for.


Hello @tonykip

Thanks for the feedback. Will adopt it :slight_smile:


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Good luck and happy Streamlit-ing!:balloon:

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Hi, Rushmore!

Firstly, I would like to praise your work and dedication to streamlit. Itโ€™s incredible what you can develop to make better use of streamlit!

Could you explain to me how you managed to place a button in the top right corner with logout interaction?

Hey @rotrigoh thanks for your kind words.

Addressing your queries:

  1. Positioning the button was used with this component made by the wonder @bouzidanas. It creates a container and places components within this container with its own CSS properties that supersede Streamlitโ€™s in-built. I just made the login button fixed at the top right position of the window.
  2. With regards to the logout function, I used the firebase library to achieve this. To register, login and logout users.
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