New Streamlit Release: 0.48.0

Version 0.48.0

Release date: October 12, 2019


  • :wrench: Ability to set config options as command line flags or in a local config file.
  • :arrow_up_down: You can now maximize charts and images!
  • :zap: Streamlit is now much faster when writing data in quick succession to your app.
  • :eight_spoked_asterisk: Ability to blacklist folder globs from “run on save” and @st.cache hashing.
  • :control_knobs: Improved handling of widget state when Python file is modified.
  • :see_no_evil: Improved HTML support in st.write and st.markdown. HTML is still unsafe, though!

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fixes @st.cache bug related to having your Python environment on current
    working directory. Issue #242
  • Fixes loading of root url / on Windows. Issue #244

Can you provide links in the changelog to the corresponding api function?

Good idea. I’ll start with 0.49.0, which is being released today!