New Streamlit Release: 0.49.0


  • :100: New input widget for entering numbers with the keyboard: st.number_input()
  • :tv: Audio/video improvements: ability to load from a URL, to embed YouTube videos, and to set the start position.
  • :handshake: You can now (once again) share static snapshots of your apps to S3! See the S3 section of streamlit config show to set it up. Then share from top-right menu.
  • :gear: Use server.baseUrlPath config option to set Streamlit’s URL to something like

Notable bug fixes:


By the way, we don’t have docs for the static snapshot feature yet, but the TLDR is:

  • Run streamlit config show and take note of everything in the [S3] session
  • Add the [S3] session and all the relevant properties to your config.toml (or pass them as CLI arguments)
  • Now there’s going to be a new menu item in Streamlit that lets you share a snapshot of your app to S3! Note that this is a static snapshot — there is no Python backend. So widgets won’t work, for example. This is mostly for quick sharing purposes, instead of printing to PDF :laughing:

And for the baseUrlPath feature, it’s a similar deal:

  • Run streamlit config show and check out the docs for baseUrlPath under [server]
  • Add that option to your config.toml or pass it as the CLI argument --server.baseUrlPath.

@thiago I can’t seem to get the server.baseUrlPath option to work. I’ve opened issue #521 with details.

Fix submitted in PR #523.