Newer versions of Streamlit not showing in Safari

Hi all,

After upgrading to Streamlit version 0.79.0 and also 0.80.0, my applications are no longer rendering locally in Safari on Mac OS. There are no errors shown on the front end, and the title I set in st.set_page_config is appearing in the tab on the browser, however the page itself is blank. When accessing localhost in Chrome, however, everything behaves per usual. Has anyone run into similar issues?

It’s also worth noting that if I downgrade back to version 0.78.0 or earlier, I do not face this issue.



Hey @liondanger,

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Sorry, your running into issues can you answer a couple of questions for me:
Mac operating system version:
Safari browser version:
python version:
environment: pip or conda?

I want to send this to our engineering team but I just want to make sure we have all the info before passing it on!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

@Marisa_Smith Thank you for the response! Here is my current setup:

Mac operating system version: 10.15.7 (19H2)
Safari browser version: 13.1.3 (15609.4.1)
python version: 3.7.7
environment: conda

Hey @liondanger,

I just sent this on to the team. but they are actually hoping to get a link to the app your making (preferably a github link to your code?)

Otherwise a screen shot or copy paste of the developer console logs would do. We think that there must have been an error thrown and want to try and get more insight!

I’m afraid I cannot share the code itself since the app I’m developing is for work, but happy to share the screenshot from the console logs. It does appear that some errors are indeed being thrown:

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Hey @liondanger,

The Engineering Team has looked into this and we are actually still having an internal discussion about this bug :bug: (thanks for reporting it!)

In the meantime, as we discuss the best course of action, you can actually fix this issue by upgrading Safari. This will get you unstuck right away without having to wait for any patches while we work on this internally!

Happy Streamlit-ing

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@Marisa_Smith Confirmed that upgrading Safari (now on Version 14.0.3) fixed the issue and I am now able to run Streamlit version 0.80.0 successfully. Thank you for your help!

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Any solution for Enterprise users who can’t upgrade Safari?

I am on same version as OP (macOS 10.15.7, Safari 13.1.3) and don’t see availability to upgrade to Safari 14 due to enterprise management.

App previews in Chrome, but not in Safari.

Thanks for any pointers

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