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Hello Streamlit Community! I’m currently building a Streamlit App called END (Environmental News Daily).

An important step to creating a sustainable world is to be informed of current developments regarding the climate crisis and the environment in general. However, it can be difficult to find the time an catch up to all recent events happening in real time. The aim of this project is to provide an overview of current environmental developments by aggregating news articles from The Guardian and summarizing them into short, digestible texts.

Current Features:

Upcoming Features:

  • Categorize news article in pre-defined categories using machine learning (currently done manually and only available for articles prior to December 5th)

Hopefully this app can help other lazy readers (like me) keep up with important events related to the environment!
Any kind of feedback and suggestions are more than welcomed. :slight_smile:

GitHub repo: GitHub - nammmx/Environmental-News-Scraper


That custom UI is incredible! Any tips for people looking to venture outside of the standard UI?

On the functionality side, it seems to only work for me when using the β€˜all-time’ filter.

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Hi @Bacoknight,

Thanks for the comment!

  • Regarding functionality - The main function to gather new articles is running locally on my computer and scheduled every hours. Of course, it only runs if my computer is on. :slight_smile: I gotta deploy the script to the cloud soon. :sweat_smile:
  • Regarding custom UI: You can incorporate custom CSS with st.markdown(…, unsafe_allow_html=True) as I did here at the top: Link. To find the correct classes to style, I just use the inspect functionality to view the HTML code of the website. :slight_smile:
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