Paragraph summarizer using streamlit

Hello all

Ever felt exhausted reading a very long paragraph. But need to get the summary of that long paragrah. Here is the new app which I built after feeling the same. Paragraph summarizer.

By using streamlit_ace and huggingface transformer paragraph summarizer is developed. Here is the app link Paragraph_Summarizer


Awesome! I really wanted to look into text summarizing, being able to auto-detect paragraphs and build a summary per paragraph.

I love how it acts on

we launched Streamlit in 2019 to make app creation as easy as Python scripting . you’ve turned datasets into workflows that supercharge your company . it’s been amazing to see top companies and developers create hundreds of

Are we able to edit the number of output tokens and other model parameters in the sidebar? Or would that prove too costly for the free tier of Streamlit Share?

I’ll be reading the source code now. Nice job :slight_smile:

Happy Streamlitin’

Hi @andfanilo

Thank you for your comments. I have fixed the output tokens as of now. Because when I tried with customization params streamlit free tier couldn’t support that. App gets stuck into the oven very often. Needs support from streamlit for this.

Hope you enjoy reading the code.