No-code stock backtester

Streamlit has enabled me, a basic python coder, to express my ideas in a way that wasn’t possible without much deeper technical knowledge and a team of coders.

Much appreciated.


I like your app, it’s very nice :slight_smile: it feels like Streamlit but with your own personal touch.

I really like the way you say it, I think that’s exactly what I like in Streamlit compared to other solutions, to be able to quickly express your ideas on paper/in a Streamlit app and iterate on those.

Thank you for triggering that self-reflection :rofl:

Have a nice day,
Fanilo :balloon:

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Now that you say this, I realize I stripped the Streamlit menu option with your branding, while also using your free hosting. I feel bad about this. I’d still prefer the menu hidden, but I’m going to code in a shout-out to streamlit explicity elsewhere in the app.