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When I log in to the Streamlit Cloud my project appears on the project dash, but when I go to the app I am getting this FileNotFoundError and I can’t see the details because there is no Manage App button. The button does appear for others apps I have on the cloud. I have not changed the name on the repo and I have not made the repo private.



App link:
Repo link:

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@mpolnlp Go to your dashboard and open app from there. Do reboot app after that open app at that time manage app button should be visible.

@harshhh The button did not appear after rebooting the app.

Edit: The button appeared on the main branch version of my app but not the branch linked to above.

I was able to use the log access to fix the error (deprecated cache decorator) and both apps now run but still, there is no Manage App button on the app linked to above.

When I rebooted the app this time though I saw this:

Should I move this to the Streamlit Community Cloud section? Relatively new to posting here, sorry about that.

I keep having this issue. Did you find a solution?

This usually happens if you change the name of your GitHub repo or your GitHub username or if you delete the repo without deleting the app. This issue can be resolved by deleting and re-deploying the app.

I did not find a solution, I’ve just been using the version of my app that runs on a different branch of the repo. That one is working for some reason.

No names were changes and no repos were deleted. Everything worked, I hadn’t visited the app for a while, then I came back and this was happening.

For what it’s worth, I am running into the exact same problem on my app too. Didn’t change repo name (and it was already private, but Streamlit had access to my Github account).

Try redeploying the app

1- Close all your streamlit tabs
2- Delete your browser cookies
3- Re login in streamlit
4- Restart your app
5- Open your app

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Christian_Gonzalez solution worked for me.

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I had this same issue, was driving me crazy, but I made a new branch and deployed that and it finally worked. I wonder if there’s something about Github defaulting to main vs master that Streamlit doesn’t expect