No module named 'joblib'

hi, Everyone knows how to fix this question? I’m deploying a text classification model on streamlet share, but it seems to have problems with importing modules. This is requirements.txt . this is my write code. you can try to see this one.Github

Hey @Jingjing0727, taking a look at the file in your repo I think the filename might be the only issue arequirements.txtrequirements.txt. That’s a strict convention of how Streamlit Cloud install’s with pip.

To level it up, you can check out how to use specific versions in your requirements.

Thank you!!! I finally finish this problem. But now I have a new problem… like this [‘module ‘click’ has no attribute ‘get_os_args’’]. If you have free time, can you describe what it means? I need to do what for it?


Thank you!!! I finish it! Finally, my app can run. Thank you for your help! :smile: