No module named 'st_files_connection'

I am getting this error No module named ‘st_files_connection’, even after including
git+ in my requirements.txt. The app is working locally in Github codespaces after I done pip install st-files-connection. But it is not working for my app on the cloud.

For those who might come across the same issue, it seemed like you need to reboot your app after making changes to the requirements.txt file. On your app webpage, on the bottom right there is a Manage App button. Click on the three dots and choose Reboot App.

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Thanks for posting your solution for others to find. Yes, changes to requirements.txt require a manual reboot of you app on Community Cloud to update the Python environment. I have a ticket in with the Community Cloud team as I believe the original intent was for apps to handle this update themselves, just like changes to your Python script (according to older documentation). In my working memory though, I’ve always had to reboot apps when I’ve updated my requirements.txt file.