No valid SSO connection for domain (Please contact support)

Hello I have experienced in the past this issue where I cannot access the manage app button to see the errors.

In the past, I have deleted the app and reload it and that solves the issue. However, now I can only access the settings for the app I deleted:

But not the one I re-uploaded:

Finally, most of the times I try to reconnect to the streamlit cloud I get this error:

I wonder if you could help me with this issue so I can access the settings so I can change the address of the new version ( to the address of the old version (

Hey @Vital-Fernandez,

Thanks for sharing this issue! Are you seeing this error when you try to access your app, or when you try to log into Streamlit Community Cloud? Also, have you changed the name of the GitHub repo for your app or changed your GitHub username recently?

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