Unknown Error Code 403 - can't log in to streamlit cloud anymore

Hi all,

since my private app was used by about ten users simultaneously, I can’t log in to streamlit community cloud anymore. The deployed app worked for about 15min until it suddenly crashed. When the users try to view the app, they get the “This app does not exist or you don’t have access to it” error. When I try to log in to my account (no matter via GitHub or email) I get the error message “This I not supposed to happen, unknown error, code 403, please contact support”.

Unfortunately, my requests to the support were not answered and I have been without access since almost two weeks. I cleared my cache and logged out from my Github account already but the streamlit login error still occurs every time I try to log in :frowning:

My current theory is that we exceeded the RAM limit of 1 GB during the use but also then I don’t understand why my account is blocked. Any ideas, what could help? I appreciate your help!


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Hi @ksbiqo,

Can you please share (or DM me) the email address you used to open a support ticket and I’ll make sure the team gets you an answer?

Hi Caroline,
thanks for reaching out! Sorry to ask, I am new to the forum, how exactly can I DM you the email address?

If you click on my name, there should be a blue button labeled “Message”

I am very sorry but wherever I searched, I could not find any button with “Message” :no_mouth: maybe you can DM me such that I can respond?
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Weird! Just DM’ed you

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