Not able to hide Manage App footer in streamlit app

Need help on how to hide “Manage App” footer in streamlit app.Please guide.

I am using latest streamlit version - 1.31.0

Also included below code in my file

hide_st_style = “”"

#MainMenu {visibility: hidden;}
footer {visibility: hidden;}
header {visibility: hidden;}

st.markdown(hide_st_style, unsafe_allow_html=True)

Hey @sushiljoshi,

If you’re sharing your app with people who don’t have write access to the GitHub repository for the app, they won’t see the “Manage App” option – does that work for your use case?

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Hi @Caroline ,

Thanks for your reply!

People will see this logo of Streamlit (highlighted in yellow in attached screenshot) when they access the app.

Please let me know if any option to hide this.

Hey @sushiljoshi,

There isn’t a built-in feature to hide this logo, but you might be able to hide it via CSS. Here are a few resources that might be helpful:

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