Not able to use streamlit extras component


i need to create a button that has width of the side bar in streamlit , i am tryiny to use from streamlit_extras.stylable_container but the libraray says reportmissingissue

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I am using python 3.11 in vs code


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Can you please your GitHub repo link or the code snippet where are you getting the error.

I think streamlit_extras.stylable_container library is not an offical one and it is not recommended also.
Instead you can use the st.sidebar function to create a sidebar and then use st.sidebar.button to create the button within sidebar.
For, changing the width of button you can use custom CSS to do the same, here you can use the st.markdown function to add custom css.
See st.markdown - Streamlit Docs
st.sidebar - Streamlit Docs

Probably no need to add CSS modifications because st.button accepts the kwarg use_container_width=True

import streamlit as st

with st.sidebar:
    st.button("use_container_width=**True**", use_container_width=True)

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