Notify-py does not work on Streamlit Cloud


I am using a cross-platform notification library (notify-py · PyPI), primarily for sound (because, for some reason, the usual sound libraries: playsound, pyttsx3, etc…) do not work (with Python 3.11 ?), even locally.

Notify-py works perfectly in a local setting, but not on streamlit cloud.

  1. I’d prefer to use a TTS library that works with Python 3.11 on streamlit cloud
  2. As a 2nd alternative, I’d prefer to be able to play an (mp3 / wav) file on streamlit cloud, automatically, without clicking any button.

Does anyone know anything about such options?


Hi @Shawn_Pereira can you share the repo that does not work in cloud so that we can help with?

Hi @mliu,

Thanks for getting back. The repo is available here. The code works perfectly on my local machine.


notify-py can only send notifications to the system where the application is running. If you want something to happen in the client computer you need to do it through the browser.

Thanks @Goyo, do you know of a way that I can do this?


There is a Notification API but i can’t find anything about custom sounds and I am not even sure it is the same thing.

Will look into it, @Goyo, thanks for helping out. :slight_smile:


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