Oh no. Error running app - but no errors in the log

i think the click library is causing this please tell me how to resolve click lib issue else it runs fine

Hi @priyansh4320

Thanks for posting, I would normally troubleshoot errors by looking at the error log by going to the bottom right of the app (while logged into your Streamlit Community Cloud account). Could you share your error log and also a link to your GitHub repo.

Usually, the cause of the error could be inferred from the error log.

  1. Click on Manage app at the bottom right:

  1. The error log is displayed in the right panel:

Hope this helps!

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github repo: GitHub - priyansh4320/Ice-Sejj: Introducing Ice-Sejj: Your Ultimate NLP and Machine Learning Solution


From the error message it seems to require the explicit specification of the model name as input argument. Could you check and provide the suggested required info.

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