Only local Streamlit for private data

First off, thanks for the the great work and I really like Streamlit! I would like to ask that, when I run the python file locally, is it truly local only? I know people using the same wifi have access to the data. If I do not use Streamlit cloud, are date safe with me and not uploaded to anywhere online?

My question may seem silly, but I did once fail to render streamlit webpage without internet connection. I opted out of usage statistics.

Hi @hdrwalker, welcome to the Streamlit community!

It’s not a silly question…yes, your data is locally safe, and even disabling usage statistics doesn’t really affect safety either way.

What you are experiencing though is that Streamlit assumes it can connect to the internet, and some of the JavaScript libraries we use are links to CDNs; without internet access, you cannot download those libraries. The alternative would be for us to bundle potentially thousands of JavaScript libraries into Streamlit, which would both be inefficient from a bandwidth perspective but also potentially make security worse.


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