Over resource and rebooting mobile

I suspect these two issues are linked. With my app, I am able to see it fine and click through it on my computer. But when I try to see it on my phone, I can get the main screens but once I start clicking through the data frames, I get β€œa problem repeatedly occurred on” error and then get a resource usage. I suspect the way I am downloading the csv is possibly re-downloading each time I click next rather than just progressing to the next part of the data frame.

Here is the app in question:

I am mostly having issues on the data frame pages (Diccionario Completo, Diccionario por Letra and Diccionario por Tema).

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Hi @celenaaponce

Could you try add st.cache_data in order to load the data once and then any subsequent retrieval would be loaded from the cache.

More info in the Documentation page:

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