This app has gone over its resource limits - Matplotlib app

Hello, I have looked at similar topics about this error but it seems there are many possible reasons behind this. My app is currently back online but I do hope to prevent it from happening again.

This is my app:
I don’t think I cache massive dataframes so I tend to rule out caching as the cause.

Thank you!

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Hi @alvin902london, and welcome to the Streamlit forums! :raised_hands:

I’ve liaised with DevOps re. potential memory issues, so I should be in a position to answer soon.
Meanwhile, can you please try rebooting your app and run it with a smaller dataframe?


Hey Charly,

I developed the back end for the code that Alvin has developed the Streamlit App for, which is hosted in my GitHub repo. I’ve rebooted the App a few times, but we’re still not sure why we’re exceeding our resource limits. Alvin’s an intern and finishes his work with us on Friday - after which we’re keen to broadcast the availability of the App [which we hope will be used by a large pool of architecture and engineering students] - so we’d be really grateful if you could help us.

Many thanks,