Packaging a Streamlit app

Has anyone tried packaging a streamlit app? :eyes:

I have a put together a streamlit app I’ve been using to explore some data and I’d like non-technical colleagues to be able to interact with it. I was wondering if anyone has tried to package an app like this locally. Because of the nature of the data, I can’t deploy it online.

I’m hoping there’s a way to have an icon someone could double-click and have a terminal/anaconda prompt run in the background that would run the script.

In my case, I wouldn’t even need to ship any dependencies or data :thinking:

Essentially, just skipping the command line part of things.

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What I’m thinking is I’d create a batch file that activates the conda environment and runs the streamlit run command.

I’m posting here just in case someone has a better idea :joy:

Can packaging the app inside a docker image be considered a solution?

unfortunately, no. I work at a relatively small non-profit and our tech stack isn’t the most advanced.

I’ve put together a .bat file that automatically runs the app - that’s good enough for my colleagues now

Look here: using-pyinstaller-or-similar-to-create-an-executable