Pandas 2.0

My question is simple. I tried to install pandas 2.0 (recommended) but it sees that it is not compatible with streamlit.
When will it be ?

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Pandas 2.0.0 was released yesterday(!), so don’t panic. That’s why hardly anyone should be using any of the exclusive features of Pandas 2.0.0 yet. What features of Pandas 2.0.0 do you absolutely need that require the latest version?


Nothing special. I just tried to install pandas 2.0 and get an error message from streamlit.
That’s all. I agree with you concerning the « don’t panic » :joy:


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Are there plans to support Pandas 2.0 in the near future? We need the Arrow backend of the 2.0 version, but at the moment can’t run Streamlit and Pandas 2.0 within the same project together.