Paying subscriptions for private app users


I have started working on an app, some sort of statistical aggregator but upon discovering that there is only a couple of private companies that package this data and sell it at astronomical prices I thought it would be interesting to jump in this niche market with a cool streamlit app, however I cannot get around how to monetize it.

My simple idea would be to release a free to use app which shows some basic key statistics and no download functionalities and a second separate pay to use app with more in-depth analysis and functionalities.

Now that is possible to have private apps on streamlit cloud I think it would be a great feature to implement a subscription model to those accounts. So that when the user is registering to the app it is also presented with a payment method and a page where it can select the length of the period (1 month, 3 months, recurrent etc…) and when the payment period expires their login is frozen.

What do you think? is something like this in the streamlit roadmap? Are there alternatives to implement something like this?

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I suspect it’s possible right now, depending on how automated you want it to be.

if you were okay being the human-in-the-middle, then you’d have people pay and then add their email manually to the access list. You could also do something like have the payment page, generate a password for them and store in a database, and have a sign-in forum that calls the database. The most complex, automatic one might be figuring out how to use a single sign-on service like Okta or ActiveDirectory to manage the accounts, and using a paid version of Streamlit Cloud.

But to the question of “Is this in the Streamlit roadmap?”, I’d say not really. People have requested adding means for taking payments, but in terms of supporting this specific use case it feels like an actual business for someone vs. something that’s part of the base Streamlit framework.


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Thank you Randy,

I will probably do this manually