Pdf display blocked by Chrome

Hi everyone,
I have the following issue with my app after deployment on Streamlit Cloud : I display a pdf file by giving its URL by using a markdown component located in an expander component. It works fine locally and I have read posts about the difference between using an iframe vs. embed. But once running in the cloud, I cannot display the pdf as the “page has been blocked by Chrome”.
Any idea?
Thanks and have a good week-end


I am struggling with the same but I couldn’t find any solution to this.

@Jerome_MASSOT @Tushar_Bhatnagar how did you solve this in the end??

I got the same issue.
Search and read a lot but can’t find a solution.
I can display PDF with Firefox but Chrome and Safari.

Any suggestion ?

Did you manage to fix it ? I am stuck with the same situation

looking for solution here as well, if anybody found a solution since then :slight_smile:

Anyone with any solution?? please help!