Workaround the sandbox in Chrome

Hi all,
I’m working on a streamlit component that allows the visualisation and annotation of PDF documents. In this component, we use pdf.js to read and visualise the document.
However, as we haven’t developed all the functions such as zoom, resize and so on, I wanted to provide quickly the visualisation of PDF through embed or iframe.
I noticed that Chrome (and perhaps Firefox) sandbox the iframe so that plugins cannot run within.

Failed to load 'data:application/pdf;base64,J [...]' as a plugin, because the frame into which the plugin is loading is sandboxed.

Do you have any workaround solution? I understand the reason for such a limitation, as they don’t want people to risk having attackers running injected code through iframes.

From our side we could add additional checks that the PDF document is actually a real PDF, blocking everything else.

Thank you in advance