My first component: fb_streamlit_auth: basic firebase login

Hello, I’m just getting started with Streamlit and I was looking at ways of securing my dashboards. I was already using Firebase in other apps and I created a simple control to embed Firebase authentication.

Sources are here: GitHub - rtrocca/fb-streamlit-auth: Simple implementation of Firebase login for Streamlit based apps
It’s still not widely tested and definitely rough around the edges.
Feedback and advices are more than welcome.
Merry Xmas,

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Hi @SwissTricky

This is really cool, thanks for creating this! Also, do you think it’s also possible to share a demo app to test drive the component in-app. Thanks!

Hello and thanks. I plan to write a short tutorial and publish a demo. I need to add that this implementation extract claims providing a solution to limit access to only certain users.