Pip install does not work for one package on the site

Hi! I am really excited to create nifty apps in python with streamlit and host them on your site!

I started working on this one:
But I notice that a pypi package that I like for visualsing graph models called daft (daft · PyPI) does is not installed. It is in my requirments.txt and it works perfectly on my laptop but not on https://share.streamlit.io.

If you look in my code you’ll notice that I currently bypass this with a try-except, but would be grateful to learn if the issue of pip installing daft on https://share.streamlit.io could be resolved.

I guess that a quick work-around is me saving images as assets to pull a pngs, but then I would lose possible interactivity that using daft would otherwise provide. I’m also considering networkx visuals if possible, but they are not as nice as daft.

Great work Streamlites!

Hi @elzurdo -

I suspect your issue is the same as this one, where your requirements.txt file is inside of a folder instead of at the top level:


Brilliant, it works!

Thank Randy, much appreciated!

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