Placeholder keyword argument

Hi all!
I open a new issue on an already known subject, just to bring it to the surface.
the placeholder keyword argument that is present in several streamlit methods as we can see on the streamlit documentation. However, when I try to use this argument to modify the default value, the argument is unknown. I did a help(st.multiselect) on python prompt, and indeed, the argument is not present (even missplelled).
Is it possible that Streamlit developpers add the placeholder argument on the methods, as it is written in the doc ? This argument is quite usefull.
Thank you all.

Can you give more clarity on which methods you are speaking of? I have the newest version of Streamlit, and I just did a quick check with a text input, for which the placeholder argument is working:

import streamlit as st 
a = st.text_input(label = "Type here", placeholder="Type something in")

Hi @Alexandre_Flageul, welcome to the community! :wave:

It’s more likely than not that you’re using an older version (<1.25) of Streamlit. The placeholder argument for st.multiselect was added in version 1.25:

Here’s the 1.25 docs and 1.24. Notice the absence of the argument in the latter docstring :smile:

As a sanity check, try adding st.__version__ in your app to confirm. If you’re on an older version, upgrade via your package manager. On pip, you need to run pip install -U streamlit from the command line.

Hope that helps!

Hum… I am terribly sorry, you’re right. I did not have the lastest version of streamlit, and I did not think to check before asking. Thank you for your answer, and again, sorry for this nooby mistake.

All good! :smile: That’s what we’re here for

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