Plot Library Speed Trial

I decided to create a Streamlit app to do some benchmarking on visual performance on frames per second and the number of plot points vs the plotting library. It’s not perfect, but it quickly shows that Altair performs much faster than Plotly and orders of magnitude faster than Matplotlib. Further, while Plotly and Altair may both be suitable for animation depending on the use case, Matplotlib’s image streaming model is clearly not up to the task.


That’s a really cool benchmark, thanks for sharing! Plotting performance is something we’re interested in improving, but I don’t think anyone has analyzed it in these terms yet.

I love this @theimposingdwarf. :100: :boom:

Is that ok if I reuse parts of this code to implement the three methods in my app and see which one works better?

I’m trying to animate the predicted line of a gradient descent algorithm for linear regression and would be great to be able to make this run as fast as possible. Currently Matplotlib takes forever. :disappointed:

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@etzimopoulos Go for it, that’s what the benchmark is there for!