Plotly aStreamlit in Powepoint

Hi ,

Is there any way I get see the interactive plotly streamlit graphs in my PPT

Hi @Ritushree_Pagare

Could you please elaborate a bit on what you would like to do?


I made a Sunburst using plotly and deployed on Streamlit , I want to download it as a interactive and upload in a PPT for showcasing but it is saving as a static image… Is there any way I can download it as interactive graph or I can Integrate Streamlit in PPT (not as a url) to present it .

Thank you for explaining in more detail.

While Streamlit now offers various ways to embed your app, I’m not too familiar with PowerPoint and its embedding options.

I suggest checking out the Streamlit documentation and see if any of these methods work with your version of PowerPoint.

I hope this is helpful. Please let us know how it goes.


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