Plotting F1 Circuit Locations into a map on Streamlit Cloud using Folium

Read the guidelines on posting questions, in particular this bit:

  1. Include a minimal, reproducible code example in your question. In other words, include just enough code (not the whole app :wink:) to enable others to reproduce the problem. Check out StackOverflow’s guide to creating a minimal, complete, and verifiable example. Ensure that your example works by running it yourself before posting.

If you are getting the right data from snowflake, you should be able to reproduce the problem without a snowflake connection, using hardcoded data or a data file that you can share. I tried to reproduce your issue when you posted it for the first time but the snowflake connection was a showstopper because I couldn’t get the data.

If the data coming from snowflake is not what you expect, then probably you don’t even need a streamlit application to reproduce it and you would have better chances in a snowflake-specific site.

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