Streamlit folium use for loacation

how to draw a route between two location in streamlit

Hello @vaibhav_k

Do you have more details to provide, like what you mean drawing a route, do you want to browse from point A to point B in 3D, do you want to freedraw on a static map or do you want to draw straight lines on roads from A to B?

Without such details we won’t be able to give any meaningful advice!
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it is like we use in google map we choose two places and then a direction from one point to another point along with a directed path is shown to us.


Hi @vaibhav_k -

Do you already have the linestring path, or do you need to solve for that first? Folium only displays data, it won’t do shortest-path calculations as far as I know.


Actually I was not looking for shortest path it could be any path but as you say it displays data only i.e the map portion only I think it’s not possible with it.

If you already have the line, you can plot it using PolyLine: