Plotting Knowledge Graphs in Streamlit


Wondering whether graphviz supports Knowledge graphs visualization? If no, are there other alternatives you have tried? Thank you.

Additional information

I am looking for solutions to plot knowledge graphs. Knowledge graphs are similar to network graphs, the only difference being that you’re able to define the relationships. Looking at the streamlit graphviz documentations it looks like it only supports network graphs. I might be wrong.

If you have experience with plotting knowledge graphs, any help will be appreciated! Thank you.

Hi @Damien_Chia, and welcome!

Did you try st.graphviz_chart, which displays a graph using the dagre-d3 library?


Note that for more complex knowledge graphs, you may need to use more robust libraries such as NetworkX and Pyvis.

Hi thanks for the prompt response.

I’ve looked at it, it seems to only allow users to point from one entity to another but not define and plot the relationships.

Thanks for sharing the other 2 libraries. Will check them out!

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