Popup disappear after 1 second in streamlit-folium app

Hello streamliters!

I would like to print some information in popups after a click event in a folium marker. Creating an app by following dynamic_updates.py example from streamlit-folium official repo I was able to do that. However, a weird behavior happens, when I click in the marker the popup shows and disappear after 1 second. Could someone help me to solve this problem? Any suggestion @randyzwitch?

Thanks in advance!
Wagner Wolff

Hi Wagner, welcome to our community! It’s great to have you here! :hugs:

Could you please provide a link to your code?


Hello @Charly_Wargnier thanks to kind reception! :slightly_smiling_face:

I used the example of official streamlit-folium documentation: dynamic_updates.py

I found a solution, I do not know if it is the better, but I replace the folium markers section by the following code:

for capital in capitals.itertuples():
                location=[capital.latitude, capital.longitude],
                popup=f"{capital.capital}, {capital.state}",
                tooltip=f"{capital.capital}, {capital.state}",
                if capital.state == st.session_state["selected_state"]
                else None,

Seems to fix the error. However, the map is rerender.

Nice workaround! Glad you found a fix! :hugs:


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