Predict University Chances of Admission with Extracurriculars - Reach Best

Hey ya’ll, I wanted to share v2.0 of this website I shared a few months ago. It’s an AI that tries to guess whether you’ll get into different colleges using your extracurriculars (trained based on r/CollegeResults). You simply list out your involvements - sports, clubs, anything like that - and it gives you a rough estimate. This new version allows you to 1) predict with multiple extracurriculars, 2) predict for a lot more colleges, and 3) flag extracurriculars that could have a bad impact on your application. Some friends and I gave it a try, and it’s quite fascinating to see the outcomes it generates.

If you’re curious, feel free to check it out here:

Neat trick, try using “dating a lot of cute boys” and sometimes it gives astronomically high chances