Pretty Dataframe - Which components?


I am looking to improve a dataframe render in streamlit as below : no column name, no row indices, one bold title and the result. I have seen Ag Grid as components, or to add HTML code with markdown.

Which option appears to be the simple one? Does it have to be a component for dataframe or is there a better option? your answer will help me to know in which direction to go further.

The image comes from a screenshot from a pandas-profiling report

Thanks for your help.

Hi @jgutton1

Thanks for the question. For this use case for a table with no header, I think creating one in Markdown would be the easiest approach.

The 3 other options (Aggrid, st.table and st.dataframe) all have headers.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @dataprofessor , the only issue with markdown is the space between the line, way too big.

This is one of the inconvenient of streamlit, i try to create an app with a lot of data (some in small size because not very important but may be usefull for some users) and markdown bring this inconvenience, unless there is a way to minimize the space.

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