Private app going into hibernation

Our app is running on a windows machine and gets started by the task scheduler either if the server is restarted or if there are changes made to the task. I also have implemented a healthchecker directly into the app that pings a service every 30s so we can monitor availability.

After the task is triggered the apps starts normally and the healthchecks run without issues. After some time (sometimes hours, sometimes days) the healthchecks stop and i get warnings. As soon as i access the app via browser, the healthchecks start again.

So my question is: Are private streamlit app going in some form of hibernation if they are not used? The docs say only cloud apps have that but I suppose the varying time spans betwenn alerts depends on if user are accessing the app or not.

Thank you for any insight in my problem.

Hi @kesslmar, welcome to the community! :wave: :partying_face:

As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing in the Streamlit codebase that indicates apps go to sleep or hibernate due to lack of use after an arbitrary length of time.

We only implement spindown of apps on our Community Cloud platform. Have you tried setting the following configuration option (logger.level) to debug to see if there’s any anomaly in the logs indicating the app is hibernating? Maybe a timeout or disconnect error message in the logs?


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