Streamlit App Hibernation Criteria?

Hi, apologies in advance if this is a novice question but I am new to app development and deployment. I have recently created an app for an academic project and I would like to get some advice or guidance on how to prevent an app from being put to sleep unexpectedly.

I have read in the documentation that an app will be put to sleep if there has been no traffic after 7 days (Manage your app - Streamlit Docs) however, I can see that there has been traffic in the last few days but my app was still put into a dormant state!

I managed to reboot the app but then was faced with a number of Python package dependency issues which I have managed to resolve but would really like to prevent this from happening again. Any advice? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My own apps seem to go to sleep afret one or two days of inactivity, not a week. But vists to dormant applications are also registered and appear in the analytics, most likely your application went to sleep before the last two visits.