Problem creating bar chart with 2 seperate variables on X-axis but with the same Y-axis value

Hi there,

For my finale studies assigment I am creating an interactive dashboard with GPS football data.
I am tryring to get two seperate bar charts into one. The data that is shown in te bar chart is interactive, so if you change the name of the player and the number of the week the chart wil pick the data that belongs to the player and the number of that week.

Example of the code creating the 2 bar charts for the Monday (Maandag) .
So if you change the name and number of the week the charts will show the percentage of the Volume and Intensity of this players practice for that Monday

This is what it looks like in streamlit.
So I want the bar charts that are underneath each other to be next to each other in one chart.

The data comes from an Excel table were Intensity en Volume are different colums and each row is a player with a cerained date and number of the week.

I find that the problems lays in the data that gets created from “V1” and “I1”.

Most of the variables are in Dutch but for this example but I dont think that will matter.

So if anyone as a solution for me would be great!