Visualise multiple bars with name on the bar

I’m trying to create dashboard that visualises top 2-3 selling items of a customer and the quantity.
So, The customer is in X-Axis and quantity is on Y-Axis and plotting should be 2-3 bars of items that are sold to customer.

Sample data:

Customer Items Quantity
Cust-1 item-16 100
Cust-1 item-69 49
Cust-1 item-36 36
Cust-2 item-44 55
Cust-2 item-39 45
Cust-3 item-36 77
Cust-3 item-91 43
Cust-3 item-199 88

There are 10k+ items in the inventory and hence do not want to transpose the data; so that all items can be created as columns and create a chart which doesn’t work due to the large number of columns to be created and cannot predict the column names(item-name) of next batch of records if caching/lazy load is enabled.

I’m looking for a chart which is similar as:

How do I create bar chart for this scenario. If bar chart is not possible please let me know if other visualisations are possible with streamlit for my scenario?