Problems deploying my app

:rotating_light: Problems deploying my app. :rotating_light:

  1. This is my app address
  2. This is my github rep address GitHub - zacharyzhang0092/Elsevier_Fetcher
  3. When running this app, you can’t return the crawled web content from soup, what’s going on?

The error is relatively clear, isn’t it? You probably won’t get an answer from the request, or not the one you expected? Check the content and the status code that you receive in response to the request.

I’m able to run the program well locally.,But it can’t be used on this.,I don’t know what the problem is.,Could you help me take a look at it in detail, thank you.

It could also be that the IP address is blocked.
Just add some debugging code to check the content of r_journal.text and r_journal.status_code before passing it to BeautifulSoup.