Streamlit app deployment error -’s server IP address could not be found

I successfully deployed my app on streamlit yesterday.
The associated github repo is GitHub - Prashantmdgl9/soil-analysis
and the URL is

Strangely, the app isn’t working on desktop mode on any browser.
On mobile it works.
I was thinking that it might be an issue of network, but I am connected to same wifi both on phone and laptop but somehow it works on phone.

I tried 4 browsers on laptop - chrome, safari, opera, and min but none of them work, even in the private tab.
Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @Prashant_Mudgal -

It works on desktop from my computer, so I wonder if it was a temporary situation. If this continues to be the case, please let us know.


Not really sure what was happening but after 2 days the links have started working again. I redeployed the app using my mobile phone’s internet connection.
Thanks for your reply.