Progress bar

Hi community,

I have an application that is taking 20 seconds to process and generate the result. In this case I think that is important to display a progress bar. Have someone already used it and can give me a tip :robot:?

Thank you!

Hi @Renan_Lopes , you could use either of the following options:

  1. Streamlit’s progress bar: st.progress - Streamlit Docs
  2. Hydralit components by @Probability : hydralit-components · PyPI

The examples should help you to put together your progress bar.



I would definitely add this component, alongside @Shawn_Pereira 's suggestion.

STqdm : a tqdm-like progress bar for streamlit - Show the Community! - Streamlit


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Thank you @Shawn_Pereira and @AvratanuBiswas for the tips. It worked really well :grin: