STqdm : a tqdm-like progress bar for streamlit

Hello there !

I integrated tqdm with streamlit.
As discussed here, I am sharing the project without the community. :slight_smile:

Link to :

Install :
pip install stqdm

Some examples :

  • Directly
from time import sleep

from stqdm import stqdm

for _ in stqdm(range(50)):
    for _ in stqdm(range(15)):

  • Using pandas
from time import sleep

import pandas as pd
from stqdm import stqdm


pd.Series(range(50)).progress_map(lambda x: sleep(1))
pd.Dataframe({"a": range(50)}).progress_apply(lambda x: sleep(1), axis=1)

Awesome! @adrien always wanted this :smiley:

OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME!! Looking forward to using this in every project @Wirg!

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@Wirg eheh :slight_smile: nice seeing you here!

Could you add your “component” to the Component tracker so we keep “track” of it :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Hi :slight_smile:

I hope this will prove useful.

@andfanilo I think I did it. I updated the post. Is this what you meant ?

Have a nice day

Yes this is perfect :slight_smile: thanks a lot for your work!

Really awesome!!