Pydeck arc map not rendering properly

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python 3.12 and Streamlit version 1.32.1

more context:

as you can see from the screenshot, i鈥檓 trying to render an arc map via pydeck but my data is not rendering sadly. i turn to the experts on this message board for some troubleshooting help. based on the screenshot provided, the map is rendering but the data is not. my suspicion is that it maybe to do with how i am configuring the layer variable? but i鈥檓 not sure鈥

fyi, my coordinates are in long-lat format, which is the format that pydeck accepts from what i gather.


the map should represent the many different flights from the my dataset as 鈥渃onnections鈥 between cities (coordinates_origin vs coordinates_destination).

i figured it out: the coordinates column in question were being treated as objects, so i had to simply convert them into list of floats (or tuple will work)

# Function to convert string coordinates to lists
def convert_coordinates(coord_str):
        # Split the string and convert to floats
        lon, lat = map(float, coord_str.split(','))
        return [lon, lat]
    except Exception as e:
        st.write(f"Error converting coordinates: {coord_str} -> {e}")
        return None