Pydeck Charts not generating on deployed apps

Hi Everyone,

Encountering some strange behaviour with my deployed streamlit apps which include pydeck elements - the apps will successfully deploy and the st.write elements will appear, but the pydeck maps will not render and the app freezes:

This is occurring with apps that previously deployed fine. The script is also running fine on my local machine:

I have gone through and updated the requirements.txt to include new streamlit and struggling to think of anything else which might be causing this issue, as I cannot see an error code

As always any help is appreciated, and all apologies if it is something silly I should have spotted!!

Hey @muumrar

Your app seems to be working fine now.

Can you recheck if the issue still persists on your side?


I also tried it, and it seems to work fine.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Looks like it’s my side :man_facepalming: - I have opened it in another browser and it’s working well.

Strangely the issue remains on chrome (including in incognito); the website still won’t load properly and crashes.

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