Pygame like component in streamlit

I want to write a planet simulator using streamlit as the GUI. I have an example I would like to build on, but it uses pygame. Is there a way to integrate pygame in Streamlit? If this is not the case, what would be a good component for this purpose to use in Streamlit? The component should be able to draw simulated positions of planets and orbits for each timestep. Thanks for your advice.

This is partially a bump and partially to get notifications. I have an idea for a project and I would quite like to use streamlit to build the dashboard for a pygame based project as well. I have used pyqt5 before but that isn’t as easy to work with and requires some extra installations, both making things challenging for other users.

godot63, should you be interested in seeing how this can be done using pyqt5, you can find that example here: GitHub - Casual-Endvrs/Track-Designer-and-Genetic-AI