Python 'Sched' module on Streamlit Cloud to run every day?

Hey guys,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use Python’s sched module to schedule functions to run every day. In this case, I’d be wanting the app to run at midnight, connect to a google sheet, pull values and perform actions.

The actual app I’m fine developing, but if I can run this on Streamlit cloud it’d be a real lifesaver for myself and the client. :slight_smile:


I guess it should be possible, but there is only one way to know for sure.

Note: On Community Cloud, an app that has been inactive for 3 days will be put to sleep; where “inactive” is defined as the case where no websocket connection has been established. i.e. no client/user has connected to the app.

Thanks guys! I thought as much, I may just build it with Streamlit and deploy to Google Cloud Run to make sure it doesn’t fall asleep on the job. :slight_smile: