Streamlit Community Cloud Downtime on March 13th

Hey community, :wave:

On March 13, 2023, Streamlit Community Cloud will undergo scheduled maintenance to help improve the long-term stability of the platform and prepare it for exciting upcoming feature releases. :rocket:

This will cause the platform and all apps to be inaccessible from approximately 8:00 am PST to 2:00 pm PST.

The core Streamlit library will be unaffected during this maintenance.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. :balloon:


Will only apps deployed through streamlit services be affected? - what does ‘core streamlit library will be unaffected’ refer to? We have an app that we have deployed through our own services, will this mean our app will be inaccessible during this time? Thank you!

Hi @csaethre,

Only apps deployed with Streamlit Community Cloud will be affected. “The core Streamlit library will be unaffected” means that apps that use the Streamlit open-source Python library that are not deployed on Streamlit Community Cloud will not be affected. Your apps that are deployed on your own services will not be impacted.

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Hi Team,

I deployed production application on streamlit cloud community. what will be impact after downtime?
whether my application will be there. any precautions which i need to carry on?

Hi @sridharr,

There won’t be any impact after the downtime is finished.

Thanks @Caroline

Can you confirm that the times are Pacific Standard Time, not Pacific Daylight Time? I believe PST is 4 hours behind current New York time, and PDT is 3 hours behind. So, in current New York time, the down time is noon to 6 p.m. Is that right?

Yes, the times are in PST. 8am-2pm PST is 11am to 5pm EST.

How/where do I signup to receive notification/alerts about these?

The status page is located here.

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