Pytube Issue / bug :

Dear Streamlit team,

There is recent bug with pytube library and I have an app running on Streamlit Cloud using pytube.
To solve the problem locally I changed the line 30 in pytube/ :
from var_regex = re.compile(r"^\w+\W")
var_regex = re.compile(r"^\$*\w+\W")

But you would probably need to fix this on your side so that apps - deployed on Streamlit Cloud - using pytube can run properly.

The issue was open on Github 19 hours ago → [BUG] RegexMatchError ? · Issue #1199 · pytube/pytube · GitHub

Thank you, Reda Merzouki (from Paris France).

Hi @rmerzouki, welcome to the Streamlit community!

This isn’t something we can “fix on our side”. It looks like pytube is in the process of pushing out a new version of the package; when that happens, you can update your Streamlit app dependencies to have that new version and upon making that commit in your repo, the app will re-build.


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Hi Randy, Thank you so much for your quick reply. I found a workaround, [BUG] RegexMatchError ? · Issue #1199 · pytube/pytube · GitHub, I actually I forked this Github repository, changed the requirements.txt file accordingly, git pushed the changes and it worked perfectly :blush:
Thank you,
Kind Regards, Reda

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