[ERROR] When trying to run the Streamlit App in web using Streamlit Share

This is the error I am getting. Not sure what should be done.

I am having issues running the app locally and running on Streamlit Sharing

Can someone please help me?
Thank you

I am not seeing an error (yet) in what you posted. It will need to go through a process to install all dependencies. Did it return an error after some time? Did it report that it couldn’t install something?

Please can you link your repository so we can see your environment configuration files? (Note, if you do anything to change your environment setup, I encourage you to manually reboot to make sure it gets a fresh start.)

This is the link for my github repo.

I am still getting error.
Here is the screenshot.

Please let me know how to solve this issue.

I just looked at pycaret’s documentation and it has a note about only installing some of the requirements with pip install pycaret. There is a different command pip install pycaret[full] to get the full installation. Without digging deeper, I don’t know all of what that entails, but can you change the line in your requirements file to pycaret[full]==2.3.5 and see if that helps? (Reboot the app after changing anything about the environment specification…though I see a lot of problems on the forum re: deployment on Streamlit Cloud right now so it might be a moot point if whatever that issue is hasn’t been fixed yet.)

When I am trying to install pip install pycaret[full] this is the error

Tried rebooting but didn’t work :slight_smile:

Will wait for an update from your end so go further.

Thank you

Any reason why you are using a quite old version of pycaret, why not try with the latest version?
Also i would try a Python 3.8 runtime.

Hey @Astha_Sinha, please don’t tag moderators in your post. Thanks!

Sure. I’ll make a note about it. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

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I saw elsewhere on the forum that at least whatever system issue was causing deployment issues in general this weekend has been resolved. Since that just dropped, can you try a reboot again if you haven’t got this resolved yet (for the Streamlit Cloud part)?

I know you have two threads going, one for the Cloud and one for your local environment and they might be mixing together now. I recommend resolving your local environment first. :slight_smile:


I think I already told you in another thread, this looks like a model that was saved with an older pycaret and is not compatible with recent pycaret.

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